5 Best Filtered Water Bottles

Written by: James Smith

Updated: January 13, 2022

Looking for the perfect water bottle with filter to match your needs? Read on to learn about our five top recommendations.

top filtered water bottles

Filtered water bottles can use water from natural sources such as rivers, streams and lakes to expel any dangerous contents and make the water drinkable in seconds.

In this guide, we separate the good from the bad to recommend five of the very best filter water bottles on the market right now.

Check out each filtered water bottle review below and our buyer's guide at the end to make sure you choose the best product for your needs.

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The Best Filtered Water Bottles Compared

See how the best in the business compare in the table below.



GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier


GRAYL Ultralight

Price: $$$$

- Simple button press operation

- Removes 99.9% viruses, bacteria & cysts

- Removes chemicals, heavy metals, sediment

- 10 year warranty

LifeStraw Go Water Filter


Price: $$$

- Removes 99.9% viruses, bacteria & cysts

- Removes chemicals & sediment

- Long life filters

Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottle

Sport Berkey

Price: $$

- Removes 99.9% viruses, bacteria & cysts

- Removes chemicals & sediment

Refresh2go 11020-SL 32oz


Price: $$

- Vacuum insulation

- Removes chemicals & sediment

Bobble Classic water bottle

Bobble Classic

Price: $

- Removes chemicals & sediment

- Improves taste

- Great value

The Top 5 Filtered Water Bottle Reviews 

Read about each of our recommendations in more detail. Find out which one we'd choose and why.

1. GRAYL Ultralight    *** OUR TOP PICK ***

The first filtered water bottle we want you to know about is the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle. This product is suitable for all of your outdoor adventures and comes in a choice of four awesome colors.

These bottles are an environmentally-friendly choice. That’s not just because each one of their cartridges will last the equivalent of 300 plastic bottle uses.

It's also because, for every purchase you make, GRAYL will donate 1% to non-profitable and environmentally-conserving organizations. This one may be the most environmentally-friendly water bottle to grace the market yet!

The bottle is very easy to use and has even collected some well-deserved awards for its innovation. All you have to do is locate your next water source, fill up the bottle and then press a button.

The button activates the filter and within just 15 seconds you will have 500ml of drinkable water. This filtering water bottle will remove 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and protozoan cysts.

It also eradicates particulates, chemicals and heavy metals so your water is healthier and you don’t have any unwanted aftertastes. It simply doesn’t get any better than this.

But, how does it achieve such wizardry? The less complex explanation is that these bottles include little magnets. The magnets use a process known in science labs around the world as ‘ion exchange’.

This is when the magnets collect impurities as they’re flowing by. These hazardous impurities are stored in the filter and the drinkable water flows to your mouth.

It’s not just an effective water bottle; it’s a very convenient bottle as well. There are no batteries to replace, no chemicals to add and no fiddly bits you need to squeeze or suck

It will even fit in most backpack pockets and can be carried on flights as hand luggage. You can take it anywhere and use it anywhere too. When an emergency strikes you'll always be prepared with this exceptional design.

We know you’re yet to see the other four bottles featuring on our list, but without giving too many spoilers away we'll do a little comparing. Out of all the bottles on the list, this one is the most effective at reducing multiple hazardous elements.

Whereas others focus on one particular area, this is an all-round and anywhere-you-want product. If you're going on a world trip or have multiple trips planned then this is the filtering water bottle for you!

With all of the viruses and bacteria that this water bottle targets, it’s only right that it’s the most expensive on our list. We don’t have any problems with GRAYL charging nearly double for their product when it outshines competitors in lots of areas.

When you add in their philanthropical work we certainly don’t have a problem. Naturally, this means if you’re just looking for something to make your tap water taste better then this isn't good value for money for you. Let’s raise a clean glass of water for their innovative product!

  Our Final Verdict: This is the best filter water bottle for anyone that’s heading off on a remote hike or adventure where all types of viruses and bacteria are hiding in the natural water. It’s also the must-have product for anyone going on a world trip without a specific itinerary.

2. LifeStraw

The LifeStraw Water Filter Bottle is the next product in our phenomenal showcase. You can pick up one of these quality water bottles in an array of colors with different graphic designs stenciled on the front.

You can also get them in multipacks to take care of the whole family or group. Just note that there’s no financial gain from buying in bulk. You can also get this specific model with a single or double filter. After explaining both filters, we’ll be zoning in on the double-filter option.

The single-filter option will give you 99.99% protection from rehydrating on waterborne bacteria and protozoan chemicals. This is achieved without the addition of special chemicals or any parts requiring battery operation.

The filter on this product has also been up the red carpet to collect some awards. The double-filter option has all this, but it will also make drinking from streams and lakes more pleasant by removing aftertastes, questionable colors and bad odors.

The product will continue to perform for a very long time without needing to be replaced. The first filter will remove bacteria from 4000 liters of water and the second filter will reduce unwanted aftertastes from 100 liters of water. This BPA-free bottle is lightweight and includes a silicone mouthpiece for comfort. Use it on any remote adventure or on the commute to work.

Unlike what we just saw, this water bottle doesn’t remove heavy metals or viruses so it won't be the ideal product for some people. It does however fight against bacteria which is something not all of the coming models can boast about.

It may be the perfect tool for the part-time camper and the full-time office worker. We are very impressed with the value for money here. It’s priced only slightly above the average range and offers considerably more than some other options.

  Our Final Verdict: This filtering water bottle may be ideal if you're going on a specific trip where the water has certain dangers. It’s also a great option if you’re sick of the odors coming from your home taps and want to stop spending unnecessary money on bottled water.

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3. Sport Berkey

Unlike the two previous water filtering bottles, this one doesn’t come with lots of color options. It’s a good job then that their ice- blue color is already awesome. What they do offer is the option to buy their product in packs of one, two or three.

This is a great idea if you’re catering for a family adventure, if you want one at home, the gym and at work, or if you’re just a forgetful person. However, be aware that there's no financial gain by buying their multipacks rather than buying separately.

The filter on this design has been made to absorb pollutants such as various dangerous metals. It will also expel dangerous microscopic pathogens in 99.99% of cases.

To finish the job the bottle will also get rid of the not-so-dangerous-but-more-off-putting problems such as cloudiness and odors. To back up these claims, their product was tested by various State Laboratories who found that the water bottle exceeds legal standards and regulations for water-filtering devices.

These impressive filters will need to be replaced after 640 refills. This means you’ll get a lot of use out of them and get to make many memories on a lot of camping trips before needing to spend more money. It’s an exceptionally lightweight water bottle that will be perfect in your mountaineering arsenal or just in your gym bag.

This is another design that can't compete with the first water bottle we featured, but it’s certainly going to be useful for specific adventures and for certain people. It has a lot going for it, including its ability to filter out some especially hazardous stuff. Yet, it’s not the full package like GRAYL’s bottle and doesn’t come in any other color options.

This product is a strong contender for the best value for money because it isn't going to break the bank and it’s one of the products that provides the best filtering. As this is the main goal with these products, we’re extremely impressed!

  Our Final Verdict: This option will be useful for a lot of destinations and trails so for the price it’s exceptional value for money.

4. Refresh2go

There are a lot of Refresh2go reviews out there, but we have made sure ours addresses all the important stuff you need to know about. Whereas the other filtering water bottles we've featured so far are made from environmentally-friendly plastics, the Refresh2go Filtered Water Bottle is made from stainless steel.

Naturally, this makes it slightly heavier than the other water bottles. Refresh2go offer this quality product in a choice of seven colors to suit your aesthetic taste as well as your taste buds.

The filter in this bottle is made from an all-natural carbon coconut shell. It will reduce the taste of chlorine and odors from your tap and naturally-sourced water. Yet, the product doesn’t claim to remove any bacteria or viruses.

What they do claim is that this filter will continue to work effectively until 40 gallons of water has passed. Like the GRAYL product at the start of our list, this equates to saving 300 single-use plastic bottles.

They have added two straws to their design. One straw is used to sip your drink while the other straw is only there to aid filtering.

The bottle is vacuum insulated to keep your drink cold for one whole day or maintain the temperature of warm drinks for six hours – seasoned coffee drinkers are also included! Other features you should be aware of are: a silicone lid, a powder coated sweat-free finish, a convenient carrying loop and it’s dishwasher safe!

This isn't in the same league as the others when attempting to provide safe and clean water because it doesn’t filter out the most harmful bacteria or viruses. For that reason, this is a filtering bottle aimed at a different market.

This is evident in its use of material and secondary function to keep your coffee warm as well. This is an overpriced buy unless you’re part of this commuter market and need a filtering water bottle to take on your daily journeys.

  Our Final Verdict: If you’re about to buy a water filtering bottle for home use and are simultaneously looking for a flask or cooling bottle then this is for you! If not, then move along…

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5. Bobble Classic

The final product we have to show you is the US-made Bobble Classic Filtered Water Bottle. It's arguably the coolest design on our list and even comes in eight awesome colors. Similar to some of the other options, you can also buy these in multipacks.

Yet, also similar to the other multipacks, you don't save any money. In fact, these multipacks are actually worse value for money – but we think this is because of the specific colors within the multipacks. On a better note, they do offer their product in two sizes. You can get an 18.5-ounce bottle or choose a 34-ounce option.

Whichever size you pick, you'll be getting a carbon filter with an electro-positive capability. This will attract certain chemicals. When your unhealthy water passes the charged carbon area, negative ions within hazardous chemicals are drawn out of the drinking water.

The bottle will filter out chlorine and bad tastes but will not remove more dangerous viruses and bacteria. This carbon filter is replaceable for continued use.

It’s definitely a green choice. Not because one of the eight colors is green, but because it’s incredibly environmentally friendly. Using this bottle will prevent the use of an estimated 300 plastic bottles.

The bottle itself is BPA and PVC free and to round it off, the product has FDA approval. This is one of the cheapest models on the market which make it exceptional value for money. Yet, it’s not going to take care of bacteria, viruses and dangerous metals. It has a market but it’s not the best product considering its title.

  Our Final Verdict: If you’re not a thrill seeker or an adventurer but are looking for something simple to make water taste better, then you’re not going to get better value for money that this product.


So, what’s the best filtered water bottle on the market at the moment? And which filtered water bottles are the best value for money? We’ve seen five exceptional products – albeit aimed at slightly different uses and markets – and now it’s time to hand out some awards.

We think you can probably guess which bottle we’re placing in prime position. These are emergency products and they’re being sold on their filtering capabilities. This makes the filters and what they can remove from unhealthy and dangerous water the top priority.

For these reasons, we believe that the GRAYL Ultralight Water Purifier Bottle cannot be beaten. It extracts the most dangers from water, which the other four cannot compete with. This makes it much more versatile for different adventures. Add in the fact that they give 1% of every purchase to environmental causes and there’s no close competition.

When it comes to value for money we’re split between two products. Again, we reiterate that these are safety products and the price differences between them aren’t that significant at all. We don’t feel you can put a price on the sort of safety the GRAYL product offers compared to the others. For that reason, we think the GRAYL water bottle is also the best value for money.

However, we recognize that not all of you are here to go on a jungle trek in the middle of nowhere. Some of you are looking for a filtering water bottle for local use as well. For these people, we would say that the final product to be featured, the Bobble Classic Filtered Water Bottle, should be your choice. These come in some outstanding designs and are extremely cheap. Just remember to avoid the multipacks.

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Buyer’s Guide

Due to different people wanting a filtering water bottle for different purposes, you need to address the capabilities of the filters to make the most appropriate purchase.

This is so you buy one with a filter to match your needs. Before we do that, we just want to give you a quick word of warning…  

Always check out where you’ll get the next filter from before you make a purchase. Some manufacturers will be a little sneaky and sell the product and its first filter for a reasonable price only to hike the price up on the replacement filters you'll subsequently need to buy.

It’s not the worst idea to buy spare filters in advance in case the companies go missing or stop manufacturing!

Before you buy any water bottle with a filter, you need to assess your uses for it. If you’re going to go into the wild and cannot be sure what type of bacteria and viruses will be lurking in the natural sources, then you want to keep yourself safe with an advanced filter.

These will be the ones that don’t just get rid of odors and bad tastes but actually remove the more dangerous contents lurking in the liquid.

If you're going on a trip to a specific country and the guidebooks can already tell you what hazards are lurking below the surface then there's no reason why you shouldn't find a filtering water bottle that will remove those exact dangers.

If you’re a keen adventurer and you know this isn't your last trip there's no harm in getting a more complete filter for versatile use.

If you prefer the more relaxed lifestyle and are satisfied with your at-home turbulence, you don’t need to pay over the odds for a filtering water bottle. Your biggest concern is likely to be taste, smell and the cloudiness of your tap water. In these instances, you can find filters that only tackle these things.

These types of bottles will also be suited for those just wanting to make an environmentally-friendly and wallet-friendly purchase. Other specifications to look out for are weight and dimensions to ensure you can carry them and fit them in your bag easily!

Thanks for joining today’s trek into the unknown. Now you’re more than equipped to navigate the digital filtering-water-bottle aisles to find your perfect water bottle.

We hope you found one of our five features perfect for your needs and don’t forget to join us again as we take a look at other convenient and awesome products!

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