New Wave Enviro 10-Stage Review

New Wave Enviro Review

Still undecided about the New Wave Enviro 10-stage water filter system? Let us help make your mind up with our in-depth review. We were pretty amazed to hear that this New Wave water ...

Berkey Water Filter Reviews

Berkey Water filters reviews

Heard a lot about Berkey's range of water filter systems but unsure where to go next? We take a close look at the most popular models and decide which is best in a range of scenarios. If ...

Aquasana AQ-4000 Review

Aquasana aq-4000 review post

On the hunt for a countertop water filter? The Aquasana AQ-4000 is one of the market leaders. Find out if it's as effective as it is popular in our review. We all know about the importance of ...

APEX Countertop Filter Review

APEX Countertop review

Should you be drinking more liquids? Read our review of the innovative Apex countertop drinking water filter - a cool way to enjoy great tasting, filtered water on demand. We’re constantly ...

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