Is Too Much Water a Bad Thing?

pouring water into glass

Surely water poisoning is a myth right? Well, you might be surprised! We explain the phenomenon and how it can be prevented. Everyone knows that water is good for you. Without water, life on ...

What is Micellar Water?

makeup bottles

It's the latest craze taking over the fashion world, and since it involves water we thought we'd take a closer look. Today, we look into micellar water. Chances are, if you've read any fashion ...

Where does my Water Come From?


Wondering where your water comes from? Or maybe how it gets treated? We answer these questions as well as listing the best places in the country for clean and great tasting tap water. ...

How to Make and Test Alkaline Water

water drop splash

Curious about alkaline water? We explain exactly what it is and why it's so popular. We also show how to make it at home and how to test your water pH too. Alkaline water is the latest ...

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